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A natural result of her performance and teaching experience, Zoë Booth is experienced at presenting Music Workshops within schools and colleges.  


“Useful advice, pertinent examples and dynamic presentation were always evident.”

Either on her own, or with her percussionist recital partner Dan Earley, Zoë regularly makes visits to schools or colleges, either as a one-off or on an annual basis.  Workshops are tailor-made to fit in with the scheme of work they are aiming to address, and topics can include:

KS2 and KS3)



Visits typically take three hours - a morning or an afternoon - although some visit-managers prefer workshops to cover a whole day to enable contact with the maximum number of students.

“Your recognition of the academic dimension of public examinations’ demands make you an ideal duo to work in the school environment.”

To discuss requirements for a workshop, or to request references please

contact Zoë Booth directly>>


During a year of residency at your school, college or university, Pangenesis (Zoë Booth, flutes, Dan Earley, percussion) work as ‘Musicians in Residence’ by delivering a series of linked visits.

“One of the best things about Pangenesis was your flexibility to work around the school’s timetables, venue and circumstances.”

Residencies provide the chance for students to work closely alongside Pangenesis, creating and improving their composing work through Workshops, Masterclasses and Performance, ultimately hearing their work performed (and recorded, as necessary) by professional musicians Zoë and Dan.  The initial visit introduces the students to the instruments, playing techniques and hints and tips on how to convey compositions successfully, within the requirements of the chosen exam board; Pangenesis’ recital will demonstrate many of these elements.  A subsequent visit/visits focusses on aspects of initial/semi-prepared compositional sketches, in Masterclasses and Seminars.  During the final visit Pangenesis will perform student compositions in their final recital; if your school/college has chosen to offer prizes for the results, the competition winners  can also be announced as the culmination of the performance.

On each of the visit days Pangenesis are keen to work with other students - time permitting - to maximise contact with other students at the school or college, for instance delivering fun and interactive workshops on topics such as African Music, Improvising, The Elements of Music and Performing.

Pangenesis is the perfect vehicle for introducing students of any ability level to composition. Younger composers can combine a simple flute melody line with a rhythmic ostinato to great effect, keeping notation to a minimum without any of the worries of transposing instruments, unusual clefs or harmonic complexity.  At a more advanced level students are encouraged to be inspired by the possibilities of timbre-combining, and to use the instruments to their fullest, possibly to include extended techniques.  Harmonic schemes are given more attention here, and pupils may include further instruments - playing along with Pangenesis themselves if required - and/or electronics.

“The standard of performance was terrific, even in dealing with some ‘less experienced’ attempts at notation from some of the younger pupils!”

To discuss requirements for a Musician-In-Residence Scheme, or to request references (including listening to student compositions resulting from previous Residencies)

please contact Zoë Booth directly>>

You may also wish to visit the Pangenesis website:



The aim of this Creative Project is to provide pupils and staff at your school the opportunity to work with Pangenesis musicians (Zoë Booth, flutes, Dan Earley, percussion) over a series of visiting workshop days or sessions over the academic year, to transform a space at your school/centre into a musical performance space, with inspirational musical, light and water ‘accessories’ designed, made and installed by those taking part.  

Each visit will be themed, and will provide an interactive musical and creative experience, delivered in an exciting way!  Pupils will get the chance to develop their creative skills, compose and play along with the professional musicians of Pangenesis, using their own instruments, contemporary and world percussion instruments or home-made junk-percussion inventions!  They will also get to input their own ideas for the design of the garden and its accessories, as well as taking part in hands-on practical workshops to assist in making some themselves.

Workshops can take place indoors or within the space itself, and are individually tailored to your staff, students and your aims.  The Grand Opening of the Garden at the end of the project provides the perfect opportunity to create a performance, given by the pupils and Pangenesis for family and friends!

The project’s legacy will be an inspirational and hard-working space for continued play, lessons and events.  Full training will be provided for staff during the project, to ensure that you feel confident in leading future users in the enjoyment of the Sensory Garden.

The amount of visits required to your school/centre will depend on the space provided, your aims and your budget.  To ensure the health and safety of all pupils each project will be carefully supervised; the final garden installation work will mostly be carried out by professionals, however – where possible and safe – the pupils may be able to carry out some under close supervision.  

Prices are tailored to your budget and aspirations.

To meet to discuss your own ideas for a Musical Garden please phone Dan on 03330 556626 to arrange a meeting.  You could also e-mail Dan directly on info@earleycreative.com.  





Partway through the project the main structures are assembled.

Further through the project some exciting and colourful instruments begin to appear!

The completed Sensory Garden!