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Zoë Booth has been tutoring on residential Flute Courses and Flute Day since 2003; courses have proved extremely popular, and places are often filled many months ahead.


Flutes at the Barns - a series of residential courses for adult players - was established in 2003, with the aim of allowing participants of all ages and ability to take part in musical activities in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.  Over forty-nine courses later - and numerous returning happy flute players - Flutes at the Barns take place three or more times year in luxurious venues in the United Kingdom (and sometimes overseas).  On each course players take part in a variety of musical activities including; Flute Choir; an individual lesson with Zoë Booth; chamber music with coaching; a private rehearsal with professional accompanist Rachael Buxton; the chance to try out piccolo, alto and bass flutes;


From 2008 to 2015 Zoë and Rachael hosted twenty “Fantastic Flutes with Zoë Booth” courses (see photo) with musicians at Benslow Music (alongisde numerous Flute Days and a busy “FluteFest” weekend at the same venue). Always friendly, the courses - for adult players of any age and ability -  work together through a range of musical activities and opportunities to make music, develop their skills and add to their musical experiences.

In 20014 and 2015 Zoë enjoyed tutoring on Flutes Inspired week-long courses, held in Italy (twice) and Spain.

If you don’t have time to get along to one of Zoë’s popular residential courses, then why not go along to a Flute Day.  A private Flute Day can be arranged anywhere in the UK, and Zoë regularly makes visits - often annually - to Flute Groups or local musical organisations up and down the country. Click here for more information on Flute Days>>

Participants of Flutes at the Barns in the Peak District

Masterclass with Zoë Booth; staff recital; workshops on a variety of topics including hints and tips on improving your playing, performing and and expression.  There are also performance opportunities for those who want them, although nervous players are assured a warm welcome, with no pressure to play on their own.  

Flutes at the Barns courses are friendly and welcoming, with a strong social side, and the private chef provides the highest standard of tasty meals and refreshments.  Participants at all levels are provided with music comfortable for their indicated ability and/or of suitable challenge.  All Flutes Plus of London also visit the courses to provide the opportunity to browse and purchase music, instruments and accessories.

For more information please visit www.flutesatthebarns.com

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